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“Since graduating from FIT College in 2015 I have taken my qualification and joined the fitness industry right away. I completed my first aid course, got my REPS registration done then started my own website, facebook page and business. I am now running a great business comprising of Group Outdoor Workouts and Mobile Personal Training, as well as contracting to another boot camp company, as an assistant boot camp trainer.”
– Sharon Bouwer

“Thanks to FIT College I was able to qualify as a Student of the Year Runner-up in the Exercise Industry Awards and went quickly into employment at one of New Zealand’s top gyms. I not only felt confident in facilitating high class Personal Training, but also felt confident in operating and marketing my own fitness business”

– Curtis Hacon

“Throughout my studies with FIT College NZ I found the course to be very informing and exactly what I would have been looking for in my start of becoming a personal trainer. Every section was broken up into different categories which made it so much easier to focus on the different topics one at a time. As well as having a lot of theory work there was a substantial amount of practical involved with the submission of videos throughout the course which gave me a more hands on experience.

Throughout the course if I ever had any queries I knew I could always get help from my tutor Julie. Julie was fantastic, I would either send her a text or email and she would usually get back to me within the day. She taught me things about my training and how to improve on my skills which I really appreciated.

I found that the content of the course is very good for beginners and people wanting to get their foot in the door of the fitness industry. It provides a behind the scenes look at the business side of fitness and helps you prepare for the real world by preparing business plans and even doing a gym layout mock up.

All in all my experience with FIT College NZ was fantastic. I am glad to have gotten the opportunity to study with them and I have been putting what I have studied into practise in the fitness industry.”

– Alicia Rew

– Sam Bot: Full Scholarship Recipient

“I found my first month exciting… kicking my study brain back into gear and trying to fit it in around life was a bit nerve wracking, but I love how the course has been tailored to fit it all in. 

I was able to work through my lectures at my own pace and revisit and re-access the information, as I needed it. I was nervous about the online component of this course both because of the self-discipline I knew would be required, and also navigating my way through the learning platforms… But as it turns out it wasn’t an issue. The course content was really inviting and I had no trouble in motivating myself to carry on.

I loved that it let me go for it when I had the time, I get as much done in the time I had available, and that I wasn’t limited by class times or awaiting results etc. I loved learning about the body and all that it entails and it has really deepened my knowledge of what I am experiencing during physical activity and the benefits on my body… I am so much more aware of what’s going on, and it’s great!”

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